Experience the Internet of Things in your hands

Take control - add smart technology to your home and workplace with the first open programmable IoT platform that allows you to build custom IoT devices. 

Discover the Arduino Oplà IoT Kit

The Arduino Oplà IoT Kit has everything you need to build useful IoT projects. Each Kit contains: a MKR IoT Carrier with OLED Display, on-board sensors and capacitive touch buttons that allow you to interact easily with the system. Moreover, it includes an Arduino Board (MKR WiFi 1010), a collection of sensors and actuators, and access to a platform with 8 ready to go connected projects.

Total control at your fingertips with the Arduino IoT Cloud

Manage all the device’s settings via the Arduino IoT Cloud - easy to create dashboards provide real-time readings, with adjustable settings like switching on/off the lamp or watering the plants all controllable on a smartphone with the Arduino IoT Remote app.

Benefit from unlimited compilation time and all the other premium features - with the Oplà IoT Kit you can claim 12 free months of Arduino Create Maker Plan, the premium subscription to our online coding platform.

 It’s what you make it

4 out of the box projects that are ready to deploy around the home or workplace. 

4 projects to learn the concepts behind the Internet of Things and how to apply them to real life applications.

Build your custom IoT devices with total control of the data and processes.

A glimpse of the projects. Each one with step-by-step instructions

  1. Remote Controlled Lights - change color, light modes and switch on/off via your mobile.
  2. Personal Weather Station - record and monitor local weather conditions.
  3. Smart Garden - monitor and control the environment for your plants.
  4. Thermostat Control - smart control for heating and cooling systems.
  5. Home Security Alarm - detect motions and trigger warnings.
  6. Solar System Tracker - positioning of the planets and moons in the Solar System.
  7. Inventory Control - track goods in & out.
  8. Thinking About You - a unique way to share messages between Oplà users.

Measure, collect and monitor real-time data

The following sensors are embedded in the IoT carrier: Light, Pressure, Humidity, Temperature, Gyroscope, Accelerometer and 5 tactile buttons. Besides those, the Kit includes PIR and Moisture plug and play sensors. And you can also connect more, thanks to the 3 Grove connectors.

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