Get started quickly and easily with the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a giant network of connected devices that collect and share data from all over the world, and it’s changing the way we live, work and study. Learning about the IoT requires students to understand and use different tools, technologies, and programming languages.

Discover the new Arduino Explore IoT Kit 

Take your first step in building internet-connected objects

The Arduino Explore IoT Kit is your gateway into the digital world of connected objects and people. Get started with the fundamental concepts of the Internet of Things in an easy way.

All you need to get started

Each kit contains: an Arduino board (MKR WiFi 1010), a MKR IoT Carrier, a collection of sensors and actuators, access to a platform that helps to take the first steps into the world of IoT, and access to the Arduino IoT Cloud with an included 1-year subscription to Arduino Create, platform that enables students to test their experiments.

Measure, collect and monitor real-time data

The following sensors are embedded in the IoT carrier: Light, Pressure, Humidity, Temperature, Gyroscope, Accelerometer and 5 tactile buttons. Besides those, the Kit includes PIR and Moisture plug and play sensors. And you can also connect more, thanks to the 3 Grove connectors.

Benefit three

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Register your Kit online with the code provided.


Activate your 12 months free trial to the Arduino Create Maker Plan.


Follow the lessons and create dashboards with the data collected by your sensors.

Get access to the dedicated online platform

Ten step-by-step, hands-on activities

Learn how to build internet-connected objects such as a home security alarm, a classroom tracker, and much more by following the step-by-step tutorials for 10 different projects.

Teach critical future skills for 21st century careers

Teach students to innovate, investigate, and explore with connected devices that use sensors, automation, protocols, and graphing to collect data they can analyze and learn from. 

Make a complex subject simple and accessible

Students will also learn about data management, analysis, and computational thinking - serious technology made simple as it’s based on open hardware and plug-and-play connections

The Explore IoT Kit is now available in the
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